Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit
Just in time for Halloween, we look at five horror movie locations that you can actually visit. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
The Notebook
Hey girl. We all dream about finding a love as romantic as that of Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) in this movie, but lets be honest Its probably not gonna happen. The next best thing? You can at least visit the places in Charleston, S.C., where the action happened, in hopes that some of the schmoop may seep into your being (#dreams). Start by visiting Allies stunning summer home, aka Boone Hall Plantation, which is Americas most photographed plantation. It offers a variety of tours, and admission is only $20 for adults. After that, head over to the Cypress Gardens, the 170 acre nature preserve known for its flooded forest, where Noah and Allie took a rowboat ride and ended up surrounded by clouds of beautiful birds. And finally, visit the American Theater, the downtown theater where the two lovebirds first realized they were into each other. Movies are no longer shown there, but the theater retains its 1940s vibe, and its surrounded by lots of cool hotels, restaurants, and charming shops all within walking distance.

The bridge where James Bond gets shot in Skyfall Varda Viaduct Turkey
Yavin 4 from Star Wars Episode IV Tikal Guatemala
Streets in Trainspotting Calton Street Bridge Edinburgh
Sandford Hot Fuzz Wells Somerset UK
Ghostbusters Firehouse Tribeca NYC
Tributes accommodation in Catching Fire Marriott Marquis Atlanta
Ambroses headquarters in Mission Impossible 2 Bare Island Sydney
OCP Headquarters in Robocop Dallas City Hall Texas

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