Movies for Valentines Day
Valentine's Day is a great day to catch up on a romantic movie.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
It Happened One Night
Valentines Day is a great opportunity to revisit some film classics from the Golden Age of Hollywood, and they dont come any more classic than It Happened One Night. In many ways the quintessential American romantic comedy to predate the implementation of the Production Code in 1934, it tells the story of a young socialite runaway Claudette Colbert who tags along with a streetwise reporter Clark Gable. It goes pretty much exactly as youd expect they both learn from each others very different skill set, and opposites absolutely attract. Its famous for its hitchhiking scene, where the wily Colbert successfully flags down a car simply by showing a little leg, completely emasculating Gable. His reaction is priceless.

Safety Not Guaranteed
Notting Hill
Youve Got Mail
An Affair to Remember
Singin in the Rain
A Walk to Remember
Love Actually

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