Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments! There are many instruments that you can play in an orchestra or a band.
1. Khartaals
Khartal is an ancient instrument used predominantly in devotional songs in India. It falls under the class of idiophones or self-sounding instruments which combine properties of vibrator and resonator. It has two similar shaped wooden pieces that are about eight to twelve inches long and two to three inches wide. Small metal jingles are mounted to the wooden frames that produce rhythmic sound when struck together.
2. Tanpura
Tanpura or Tambura, a long-necked drone lute is a chordophone from the lute family of instruments. A tanpura comes in different sizes, the bigger one are known as "males" and smaller ones as "females". There are three main styles of designing a Tanpura: Miraj Style, Tanjore Style and Tamburi. It is played with fingers by plunking the strings in successive manner.
3. Ghungroo
Ghungroos are small brass bells. They are musical accessories used by dancers of all classical dances in India. A number of bells are attatched to a string or tied to cotton cord, velvet pad or leather strap to form a ghungroo. When tied to the feet Ghungroos emphasize the rhythmic aspects of the dance and allow complex footwork to be heard by the audience.
4. Sitar
Sitar is one of the most popular classical instruments which comes under the category of a chordophone. The modern sitar has seven strings and sixteen to twenty two frets that are adjusted to alter the pitch. A normal Sitar usually has Kunti, Drone Strings, Tumba, Tar, Dandi, Parda, Gulu, Tuning beads, Kaddu. It is played with a wire plectrum, known as mizrab, that is usually worn on the index finger of the right hand.
5. Sarod
The modern sarod is made of wood with one end being rounded and covered with parchment. Its overall shape is like a pendulum- pointed and thin on top, at the peg box, and full and round at the bottom, the resonator. A sarod has three parts; peg box, fingerboard and resonator. This fretless instrument played with a triangular plectrum cut out of coconut shell and laminated with shellac.

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