Myth About Animal
Animal behavior can often help explain the origin of popular myths and mysteries.
1. Bears have poor eyesight
Some people think that bears amazing sense of smell must make up for a lack of vision In fact bears eyesight is at least as good as humansThey also have excellent night vision due to a reflective membraneon the back of their eye.
2. Owls are the wisest among birds
Owls were regarded as wise birds and, like other birds of prey, were thought to be courageousThe link between owls and wisdom is their association Athena, as the Greek goddess of wisdom is often depicted holding an owl, with large eyes, almost thoughtful look on their faces; owls give off the impression of wisdomIt is unfortunate that Owls are actually placed on the lower end of intelligent birds, with the common crow considered the wisest among birds.
3. Ostriches bury their heads in the sand
Ostriches dont bury their heads in the sand they wouldnt be able to breathe but they do dig holes in the dirt to use as nests for their eggs Several times a day, an ostrich puts her head in the hole and turns the eggs.
4. Polar bears eat fish as their main source of diet
The diet of a polar bear is actually seals, and it is only on rare occasions that they will eat fish, unlike other arctic birds and mammals who rely on these gilled creatures for their main source of energy Fish do not actually feature often on a polar bears menu.
5. If you touch a baby bird the mother will reject it because it will smell like a human
This misconception has probably caused the death of many baby birds if people see naked or partially naked bird on the ground and think to touching her will do harmif a young bird is fallen from the nest it,s fine to handle the bird to put her back in the nest most birds don,t have a developed sense of smell so it,s likely that the parent bird won,t smell you at all.

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