Myth about Addiction
Addiction is a state defined by compulsive engagement in naturally rewarding behavior .. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Addiction is for life
Addiction is a spectrum disorder, like depression, and every person is different.While there are plenty of cases where addicts struggle for years to overcome a drug addiction, many more cases reveal the opposite short term users who manage to put the past behind them and lead normal and productive lives. According to the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, 75% of alcoholics recover without treatment.

If youre pregnant and use drugs
We should strive to find a magic bullet to treat all forms of drug abuse
We have reached the limits of what we can do to treat addiction
Treatment should put addicts in their place
Bad stupid aand crazy people are most susceptible to becoming addicted to alcohol and drugs
Snuff and chewing tobacco are safe because theres no smoke
Caffeine is an addictive drug
You cant force someone into treatment

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