Myth about Addiction
Addiction is a state defined by compulsive engagement in naturally rewarding behavior .. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Snuff and chewing tobacco are safe because theres no smoke
Drug addiction is voluntary behavior
Addiction is a choice
If someone has a stable job and life
Addicts are weak people and can quit if they really want to
Treatment does Not work
A single sip of alcohol
Caffeine is an addictive drug
Addiction is for life
There is an addiction gene
You have to hit rock bottom
You don t treat drug problems with drugs
Addiction is a social problem or a problem of morals
Treatment should put addicts in their place
Addiction is the addict s problem
Treatment programs work about the same for everyone
If a person drinks long enough they will become alcoholic
Alcohol use is not as dangerous as drug use
If someone has passed out drunk the best thing to do is to put them to bed and let them sleep it off
It is my fault that my spouse drinks too much
Drugs relieve stress They help deal with problems
Addiction is a sign of a character flaw and moral failing
If youre pregnant and use drugs
Addiction is primarily the result of personal and moral weakness
Many people relapse so treatment obviously does not work
We have reached the limits of what we can do to treat addiction
If an addict has enough will power he or she can stop using alcohol and using drugs
Bad stupid aand crazy people are most susceptible to becoming addicted to alcohol and drugs
once sobriety is achieved whether with or without the benefit of treatment
Addiction is a bad habit the result of moral weakness and over indulgence
You cant force someone into treatment
More than anything else drug addiction is a character flaw
We should strive to find a magic bullet to treat all forms of drug abuse
Sniffing glue gives an instant rush There isnt time for it to hurt you
As soon as a person feels normal all the drug is out of the body
Treatment for drug addiction should be a one shot deal
Treatment just doesnt work
If you get drunk, coffee will sober you up
If someone relapses, they will never get better
Families and their addicted loved ones are out of touch.

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