Myth about Aging
It represents the accumulation of changes in a person over time.
1. Old women are depressed and lonely
Depending on circumstances, we may get sad and lonely from time to time, but the research shows that the least lonely and depressed women are over 75 .
2. Older women are less successful in new pursuits
Some of the best and brightest women, though past the half century mark in years, are still climbing the ladder of success in the world .
3. Growing older is synonymous with the loss of meaning and purpose
Research and the elderly themselves are demonstrating that ones later years can be the richest ever in wisdom and spirituality .
4. Old women have more stress in their lives
According to psychologists, older women have more stress free days than younger ones .
5. Older adults don t contribute to society
Experts say it s a myth that older adults aren t productive members of the community and the workforce Many people over 50 are turning entrepreneur or exploring a new career, and older adults have higher rates of volunteering than their younger cohorts , there are more options for older adults to stay active and engaged than ever before .

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