Myth about Anger
myths about anger Before you can change the way you think about anger, and the way you act.
1. Anger is inherited
The way we express anger is inherited and cannot be changed. Sometimes, we may hear someone say, I inherited my anger from my father; that s just the way I am. This statement implies that the expression of anger is a fixed and unalterable set of behaviours. Evidence from research studies, however, indicates that people are not born with set, specific ways of expressing anger. These studies show, rather, that because the expression of anger is learned behaviour, more appropriate ways of expressing anger also can be learned.
2. Anger automatically leads to aggression
Anger is something that builds and escalates to the point of an aggressive outburst. However, as has been covered in our previous article on Anger Management, anger does not necessarily lead automatically to aggression. Think about it chances are there have been times when you ve felt really angry but it simply hasn t been appropriate to act aggressively, such as at work or when talking to a police officer. If you can control your behaviour at those times, you can control it at others.
3. Anger in an aggressive way people listen and I gain respect
While holding in your anger is not healthy and usually only causes you to become angrier, venting anger inappropriately is also not healthy. Expressing yourself in an angry aggressive manner can just make the situation worse.
4. Venting anger is always desirable
The popular belief among mental health professionals and laymen was that the aggressive expression of anger, such as screaming or beating on pillows, was healthy and therapeutic. Research studies have found, however, that people who vent their anger aggressively simply get better at being angry. In other words, venting anger in an aggressive manner reinforces aggressive behaviour.
5. Males are angrier than females
It,s simply not true that men are angrier than women. Surveys show that women get mad just as frequently as men about once or twice a week on average. On the other hand, men tend to report more intense anger, while women tend to hang on to anger longer.

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