Mythological Creatures and Shapeshifters
Creatures that have the ability to take on many different forms. Including human beings.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
The puca is a legendary creature of Celtic folklore, most notably in Ireland, the West of Scotland, and Wales. The pca is a mythological fairy and ultimate shapeshifter. The creatures are capable of assuming a variety of terrifying forms, including a horse, rabbit, goat, goblin, or dog. No matter what shape the pca takes, its fur is always dark.

They are most commonly seen as a black horse with a flowing mane and luminescent orange eyes. Pcas have the power to use human speech and although they are known for giving good advice, they also enjoy confusing and terrifying humans. Pcas have a fondness for riddles and are sociable creatures. They love to gather and play pranks on unsuspecting people and children. In many regions of the world the pca is seen as a creature of the mountains and hills. They are incredibly respected and if treated nicely will help humans.

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