Narendra Modi
Narendra Damodardas Modi is the 15th and current Prime Minister of India. Modi.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Years in Governance
Narendra Modis evolution from quintessential Organization Man of the BJP to one of Indias best known leaders recognized for his Good Governance over a span of a decade tells a story of grit, determination and Strong Leadership in the face of grave adversity. Narendra Modis transition from the world of Political Organizing to the realm of Administration and Governance neither had the luxury of time nor the benefit of training. Shri Modi had to learn the ropes of Administration while on the job right from Day One. Narendra Modis first 100 days in office offer a glimpse of not just how Shri Modi made that personal transition but these 100 days also offer a glimpse of how Shri Modi brought unconventional thinking and out of the box ideas to shake status-quo and reform Governance.

Narendra Modis path to creating a Vibrant Gujarat as a shining example of Development and Governance did not come easy. It was a path littered with adversities and challenges. Through the last decade if there is one constant trait of Narendra Modi that has stood out it is his Strong Leadership in the face of grave adversity. Shri Narendra Modis approach to governance has always been viewed as being above politics. Shri Modi never let political differences get in the way of pursuing solutions to developmental challenges. As Shri Narendra Modi prepares to assume Office as Indias next Prime Minister, his approach to Administration and Governance stands out for its convergent thinking. The finest manifestation of Shri Modis philosophy of

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