Narendra Modi
Narendra Damodardas Modi is the 15th and current Prime Minister of India. Modi.
1. Biography
Narendra Damodardas Modi has emerged as the indisputable champion of the Lok Sabha Election 2014 by delivering the partys best results ever in the general election of India. Modi, who worked as a tea-seller in his childhood, has come a very long way to have excelled in the report card of the worlds largest-ever electoral exercise. He will now serve the nation as the Prime Minister, with the goal of implementing the Gujarat model of development throughout the nation.He took the oath as the Prime Minister of India in a lavish affair on 26 May 2014.Narendra Modi governed Gujarat for 13 years as its Chief Minister. He was selected by L K Advani, a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), in 2001 to give a direction to the election campaign in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Modi was elected as the Chief Minister of Gujarat on 7 October 2001, and was been the longest-serving Chief Minister of the state. In the 2012 Gujarat legislative assembly election, he won his fourth consecutive term as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

A career that started as an errand runner for the RSS (Hindu Right wing group) is now perhaps on the way to reach its zenith. Yes, Narendra Damodardas Modi has walked quite a distance wearing unflinching confidence on his sleeves. The former Gujarat Chief Minister and Indias current Prime Minister candidate is a fascinating case study as the man opens up equal number of avenues for his critics as well as admirers. The man is admired for his economic policies and growth scenario in Gujarat, but he also bears flak for the dismal state of the Human Development Index in Gujarat.Now, since he has become the Prime Minister of India, lets have a deeper look into Narendra Modis biography.

2. Humble Beginnings
The idea of struggle was never very distant for Modi. He used to run a tea stall till the time RSS inducted him as a full-time member. With whatever minimal training he received from the partys associates, he surged ahead and exhibited enough capability to be given the charge of the ABVP (the student wing of RSS). His diligence and dedication towards the party hardly ebbed despite the fact that he was simultaneously pursuing a Masters degree in Political Science. This average student from Vadnagar tutored himself to take greater steps on a national level.
3. Family
Although there isnt enough about Modis personal life in the public domain, the political discourse sometimes throws up bits of facts and stories. He was born into a middle class family of six in Vadnagar in Mehsana District (then Bombay state) to Damodardas Mulchand Modi and Heeradben Modi. He was bethrothed when quite young, but chose to walk away from the marriage and has remained a bachelor.
4. First Stint as Chief Minister of Gujarat
Times were turbulent in Gujarat with allegations of corruption and poor governance doing the rounds. After Shankarsingh Vaghela left the BJP, Keshubhai Patel was made Chief Minister of Gujarat and Modi became General Secretary of the party in Delhi. Weak handling of the effects of the Bhuj Earthquake in 2001 prompted the BJPs national leaders to seek a new candidate as chief minister, after the removal of Keshubhai Patel. In October 2001, Modi was brought in to fill the vacuum and made Chief Minister of Gujarat despite his lack of experience in governance. Initially, the BJP was not very keen on having him at the forefront and the party was contemplating the position of deputy CM for him, which he refused. He wrote to Advani, and the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, stating that he was either going to be fully responsible for Gujarat or not at all. In July 2007, he became the longest-serving Chief Minister in Gujarats political history.In the Gujarat legislative assembly elections of 2012, Narendra Modi won the constituency of Maninagar over the Indian National Congress, with a majority of 86,373 votes. The BJP won 115 out of the 182 seats and formed its government in Gujarat. This was Narendra Modis fourth term as the Chief Minister. The following year in March, he was appointed as member to the BJP Parliamentary Board which is the highest decision-making body of the party. He was also nominated as a member of the partys Central Election Committee.
5. Criticisms
The Modi government came under bitter criticism following the 2002 Gujarat riots that betrayed the prevailing communal harmony within the state. Investigations were ordered into alleged abatement of crime. Modis image suffered a quake as a common consensus was established that pointed fingers at the chief minister for allowing communal violence in the state. Some demanded his prosecution for promoting enmity among different communities during the riots. His way of functioning has also been the topic of much debate in the political arena with commentators and subject-matter experts lambasting him for carrying the DNA of fascist leadership. His critics call him a self-centered autocrat who doesnt care a hoot about the BJP. The Gujarat chief minister finds himself in the bad books of analysts as he is also accused of twisting facts to suit political motives on more than one occasion.In June 2013, when Narendra Modis was appointed as the chairman of the national campaign committee, L K Advani submitted his resignation escalating his objection against Modis appointment. But, the BJP leadership remained rigid on its choice to put Modi in front of 2014 campaign.

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