New Year Celebration Ideas
Celebrate New Years Eve in style, then here are these ways to crystallize the moment .
1. Countdown Bags
A fun family activity to count down to the New Year. Simply fill your bags with ideas to do every hour leading up to the big event. At the designated hour, have your child open up the bag to reveal the task inside. Some bag filler ideas.treats, disposable cameras, a new movie to watch, craft kits, noisemakers and confetti, etc.
2. Printable New Years Party Hats
Ring in the New Year with style wearing these fun and FREE printable new years party hats. They are super easy to make and are sure to be a hit at your New Years bash.
3. Good Luck Grapes
Do like the Spaniards do and eat grapes at midnight for good luck. Thread 12 grapes on a skewer for each guest and serve in a tall champagne flute.
4. DIY Balloon Drop
What could be more festive than a balloon drop.? Make a homemade balloon drop and at midnight pull the string and let the balloons fall. Kids and adults alike will LOVE it.
5. New Years Eve BINGO
Free printable New Years Eve BINGO game that you can play while you wait for the ball to drop on TV.

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