New Year Games
New Year's Eve means fun and games. Here are some fun new years party games.
1. Ice breakers
Games that break the ice get guests mingling as the party gets underway. One idea is the game Where Do You Stand? Guests line up and are asked intimate yes or no questions, such as whether they are wearing underwear. Stepping to the left represents yes and stepping to the right means no. Another ice breaking game is Fact or Fiction. To play, everyone takes turns reciting one factual and one fictitious thing they did this year. The crowd must guess which statement is true and which is false.
2. Drinking games
New Years party guests love to ring in the new year with a few exciting drinking games. If you want to get everyone in a competitive spirit, Champagne pong a play on beer bong will get the crowd going. It involves teams of two players taking turns throwing a ping pong into each others cup. If it goes in, that team must drink the Champagne from the cup. Another idea is the game animal. One guest starts by naming an animal, the next person must name an animal that starts with the same letter. The person who messes up must drink a sip from his glass.
3. Prize oriented games
Guests will get even more excited if vying for a prize. Make prize goody bags with extra booze, adult toys or whatever you think is right for your particular crowd. One idea is the resolution game. Guests each state their New Years resolution and everyone votes on who had the best one; that person wins a goody bag. Another idea is to have a funny face selfie game where everyone takes a selfie making a funny face and you choose the best one as the winner.
4. New years trivia
Games such as New Years charades gets the energy going and the crowd involved. Team members take turns acting out memorable events of the given year and try to get their teammates to guess correctly. Creating trivia questions from pop culture is better than going with obscure questions. Another idea is scramble trivia. It involves showing teams the answer to a trivia question scrambled up and giving them up to three clues to guess the answer.
5. A Ring of Fun
For this game take a bowl filled with milk or some dark liquid and throw a few rings in it. Now ask a couple to take off their rings and throw them in the bowl with the other rings. Then they have to put their hands in, feel the ring of their partner, and without seeing take it out. Both of them go together and are allowed to take their hands out only once. Time the contestants and the couple who finds the right rings in the shortest time, is declared the winner.

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