New Years Eve Cake Ideas
New Year's Eve Cakes, Cookies Easy and Simple Ideas.
1. Easy Chocolate Stout Cake
This simple, yet rich and chocolaty stout cake is just right for last minute New Years celebrations. And revelers will love the combination of bitter stout and rich chocolate flavors.
2. Clementine Olive Oil Cake
Sweet, juicy, and easy to peel, clementines are one of the best year end treats there is. Theyll disappear from stores soon, so while theyre here, youll want to enjoy them as much as you can. This variation on our olive oil cake is a great way to showcase this fleeting seasonal pleasure.
3. Absolutely Amazing Apple Cake
Few flavor combinations are as nostalgic as apples and cinnamon, which makes this cake one thats sure to please a crowd. And even though its a classic, its not at all boring dried cherries and an impossibly moist crumb make it sing.
4. Lemon Mini Bundt Cakes
Some cakes are easy, some are delicious, and some are adorable. These lemon mini bundt cakes are all three.
5. Apple Blood Orange Buckle
Because of their exciting name, surprising appearance, and their singularly delicious taste, blood oranges are an increasingly popular ingredient for chefs everywhere. This blood orange buckle with apples makes spectacular use of this favorite slightly bittersweet citrus.

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