New Years Food Ideas
The new year with our top recipes and finger foods and New Year's Dinner Ideas.
1. Pierogies
Serve up easy to eat finger food like Nadia G.s pierogies. Try her classic potato cheese filling or experiment with one of her other suggestions, like a mixture of minced mushrooms and fried ground beef.
2. Champagne truffles
Individually, champagne and truffles are both synonymous with luxury, but Nadia G. puts champagne inside her dark chocolate truffles, making these celebratory spheres top notch.
3. Meshugana macaroon
Meshugana is the Yiddish word for crazy, and Alie and Georgias cocktail has all kinds of crazy coconut flavor. To make their sweet and stylish sipper, shake a mixture of coconut rum, coconut creme, vanilla infused vodka and a teaspoon of egg white (for a bit of festive froth), then pour into a chocolate rimmed glass.
4. Buttermilk popcorn chicken
Bite size pieces of fried chicken make a perfect party snack. Nadia G. serves it up with dipping sauces like maple syrup, barbecue sauce and honey mustard.
5. Date and blue cheese stuffed meatballs
Crispy bits of bacon add an unexpected (but very welcome) crunch to Alie and Georgias meatballs, which surprise twice with a minced date and blue cheese center.

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