Parking Rules
There are certain rules that apply when it comes to parking.
1. Parking
To stop or allow to stand, any vehicle, for any length of time, whether said vehicle is occupied or not. Parking at USC is governed by these Rules & Regulations, and administered by Transportation Services.
2. Parking Pass
Daily parking pass purchased at provided by one of USCs entrances at either UPC of HSC. Typically purchased by guests or visitors, or provided for by a department Alt: Permit.
3. Parking Permit
For campus safety, motorcycles should only be operated on the streets, and not operated on sidewalks or pedestrian paths.
4. Parking Lot
Parking lots refer to open air surface parking areas either on or off campus.
5. Parking Structure
Parking structures are multi story parking facilities consisting of alternating flat sections and ramps. Structures typically provide handicap parking areas, carpool parking areas, electric vehicle parking areas, and an abundance of regular parking spaces.

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