People With Incredible Talents
people with amazing abilities actually do exist in real life; here's a list of the most amazing Real. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
The Eye Popping Man Claudio Pinto
The Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson
The Torture King Tim Cridland
The Man who doesnt Sleep Thai Ngoc
The Magnetic Man Liew Thow Lin
King Tooth Rathakrishnan Velu
Mister Eat it All Michel Lotito
The Rubberboy Daniel Browning Smith
The Boy with Sonar Vision Ben Underwood
The Incredible Brain Daniel Tammet
Miroslaw Magola
Manjit Singh?Pulls a Jet with his Ears
Ru Anting Writes with his Tears
Zhang Quan Claps as Loud as a Helicopter
Wei Mingtang Blows up Balloons with his Ears
Paul Oldfield Worlds Only Flatulist
Most Tibetans
Elisabeth Sulser
Swallowing Flash Lights
Flexability On The Beach
Odd Contortionists
Garry Turner Stretchy Skin Man
Zhang Yujian Eats Lightbulbs
Ho Eng Hui Has a Finger of Steel

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