People With Incredible Talents
people with amazing abilities actually do exist in real life; here's a list of the most amazing Real. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Paul Oldfield Worlds Only Flatulist
Mr Methane, alias former train driver Paul Oldfield, claims to be the only performing professional flatulist in the world, or more precisely, a professional farter. His talent came to light when he accompanied his sister in yoga practice. There, he discovered to his surprise and delight that he was able to take in air through the rear, retain it, and then expel it as and when he chose. At first, it was nothing more than a party trick to entertain fellow railwaymen, but eventually Mr Methane found that by careful control, he could pick out a simple tune.

The Rubberboy Daniel Browning Smith
Zhang Yujian Eats Lightbulbs
The Eye Popping Man Claudio Pinto
Most Tibetans
The Magnetic Man Liew Thow Lin
The Incredible Brain Daniel Tammet
Miroslaw Magola
Wei Mingtang Blows up Balloons with his Ears

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