Pink Lakes of the World
The Pink lakes is the most beautiful pink colored lakes in the world.
1. Hutt Lagoon Port Gregory Western Australia
Here at Hutt Lagoon in Western Australia Dunaliella salina is farmed for its red beta carotene pigment which is then used in food colouring.
2. Port Gregory Western Australia 1
The algae develops the beta carotene pigment when the lake water reaches a salinity level greater than that of sea water and when adequate light and temperature conditions are achieved.
3. Port Gregory Western Australia 2
Its a phenomenon seen throughout the world.
4. Lake Hillier Western Australia
Lake Hillier in Western Australia most likely gets its bubblegum pink colour from Dunaliella salina. However another theory is that the colour is due to red halophilic bacteria in the salt crusts.
5. Lake Hillier Western Australia 2
Wingsuit pilot Chuck Berry flies over Lake Hillier in February 2014

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