Places to Visit in Rajasthan, India
Savitri Temple
The Savitri (Brahma's desolate wife) Temple built in 1687 is perched atop the Ratnagiri hill. The Goddess is believed to have rested on the hill upon arrival and refused to join her husband who had married a local girl Gayatri. Her temple is smack in front of the Brahma temple and is believed to serve as a lookout for the Goddess for her erring husband. The route to the temple is through the hills and takes around an hour. Further, the temple atop the hill and its surroundings provide a breathtaking view of the Pushkar Lake and the surrounding desert.

Taragarh Fort
Roopangarh Fort
Aptaeshwar Temple
St Marys Graveyard
Savitri Temple
Kishangarh Fort
The Museum of Ajmer
Pushkar Fair

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