Places to Visit in Canberra, Australia
Mount Stromlo Observatory
Mt Stromlo Observatory is the headuarters of The Australian National University Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics. The University operates two observatories, Mt Stromlo, west of Canberra, and Siding Spring, in the Warrumbungle Mountains near Coonabarabran, NSW.The administrative centre, the offices of the astronomers and students, the mechanical, electronic and optical workshops, and the computer laboratories are located at Mt Stromlo. The telescopes and associated maintenance facilities are located at Siding Spring.Siding Spring also hosts telescopes of the Australian Astronomic Observatory, the University of NSW, the University of Arizona and the Faulkes Telescope Project.

Lake Burley Griffin
Australian War Memorial
National Museum of Australia
Lake Ginninderra
National Film and Sound Archive
Aspen Island

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