Places to Visit in Canberra, Australia
Parliamentary Triangle Canberra
The Parliamentary Triangle is the ceremonial precinct of Canberra, containing some of Australia most significant buildings. The triangle is formed by Commonwealth, Kings and Constitution Avenues. Buildings within the triangle have been located and designed intentionally for visual effect, and those of national significance are popular tourist attractions.The Parliamentary Triangle was a significant feature of Walter Burley Griffin plan for Canberra. The apices of the triangle are Parliament House, the seat of government the Defence Head uarters at Russell and City Hill, representing the civilian part of Canberra. Griffin planned the city around two axes which converge in the centre of the Parliamentary Triangle. The land axis connects Mount Ainslie, Capital Hill and Red Hill and extends off towards Mount Bimberi the Australian Capital Territory highest mountain. The water axis runs at right angles to the land axis along the length of Lake Burley Griffin.

Mount Ainslie
Big Splash Waterpark
Royal Australian Mint
National Museum of Australia
Black Mountain Tower
National Arboretum Canberra
Parliamentary Triangle Canberra

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