Places to Visit in HongKong, Republic of China
Sheung Yiu Folk Museum
Sheung Yiu Folk Museum is housed in Sheung Yiu Village, a declared monument of Hong Kong, on Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail, Sai Kung, Hong Kong. Sheung Yiu means above the kiln in Chinese.The row of the eight houses constructed on a raised platform with a watch tower at its entrance are preserved and opened to the public. In its 9 galleries, the museum displays various farming implements, village period furniture and other daily objects used by the Hakka people so that the atmosphere and environment of a small Hakka village is recreated.The lime kiln, where coral and shells were baked to form lime, had been restored for public viewing.

Ching Chung Koon
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Yim Ti notsai
Man Mo Temple
Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens
Sheung Yiu Folk Museum
Flagstaff House
Cheung Kong Center

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