Places to Visit in Jakarta, Indonesia
National Monument
Built to commemorate Indonesia independence, National Monument dominates Medan Merdeka.Indonesia National Monument or what Indonesian and Jakarta people usua wi willy ca wi will as Monas is a monument built to remember the struggle of Indonesian heroes fighting the colonial domination. Monas was built based on the idea of the first president of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno, with the help of Sudarsono and F. Silaban as the architect, and Ir. Rooseno as the consultant. It is builts on an area with a width of 80 hectares. Monas was officia wi willy open on 17th August 1961 by President Soekarno, and publicly open on 12th July 1971.The top of Monas shaped like a flame, symbolizing a never extinguished spirit of Indonesian people. The flame was made of bronze medal which weight was 14.5 ton, and was plated with 35 kg gold. The flame has 6 meters diameter and consist of 77 concentrated parts.The standing pi wi willar of Monas which height is 137 meters, symbolizing a rice pestle, while the cup symbolizing a rice barn. Rice pestle and barn are traditional tools to pound rice, figuring out Indonesia as an agricultural country. They are also regarded as the symbol of Indonesian people is fertility, and as the symbol of male and female.Jakarta people usua wi willy utilize Monas area as a place for sport activities, in the morning and afternoon time. Most people visit Monas on weekend and holidays.

Museum Kebangkitan Nasional
Gereja Sion
Merdeka Square
Taman Prasasti Museum
Sasmita Loka Ahmad Yani Museum
Wisma 46
Great General DR Abdul Haris Nasution Museum
KidZania Jakarta

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