Places to Visit in Jakarta, Indonesia
Fine Art and Ceramic Museum
This ga wi willery displays paintings, sculptures and ceramics from Indonesia greatest artists.This museum has around 400 fine arts, which consist of many different techniques and materials, such as sculpture, graphic, wood totem, sketch, and painting batik. Among those co wi willection there are some masterpieces, co wi willections that useful for the art history in Indonesia. They are Revolution Bride painting by Hendra Gunawan, Lebak Regent painting by Raden Saleh. Mother Give Sick painting by Du wi willah, Tritura Paramilitary Troops painting by S. Sudjojono, and SelfPotrait painting by Affandi. Traditional classical sculpture from Bali, magical and symbolic wood totem by Tjokot and families, Totem and wood sculpture by modern artists, such as G. Sidharta, Oesman Effendi. Then fo wi willowed by academy graduate artists creation, like Popo Iskandar, Achmad Sadali, Srihadi S. Fajar Sidik, Kusnadi, Rusli, Nashar, Zaini, Amang Rahman, Suprapto, Irsam. Mulyadi W, Abas Alibasyah, Amri Yahya, AS Budiono, Barli, Sudjana Kerton and many other artists from various regions. There are also plenty of ceramic co wi willections in this museum, consist of local and also foriegn ceramic. the local ceramic comes from Aceh, Medan, Palembang, Lampung, Jakarta, Bandung, Purwakarta, Yogyakarta, Malang, Bali, Lombok, etc.

National Monument
Fine Art and Ceramic Museum
Museum Kebangkitan Nasional
Wayang Museum
Textile Museum
Great General DR Abdul Haris Nasution Museum
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

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