Places to Visit in Jakarta, Indonesia
Istiqlal Mosque
Indonesia largest mosque is a sacred place of worship as we wi will as a center for conferences, lectures and seminars.Masjid Istiqlal is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. This mosque was built to commemorate Indonesian Independence, as nation is gratitude for God is blessings. Hence, it was named as Istiqlal (Arabic) meaning Independence. The mosque is located near the Merdeka Square.We didnt have the chance though to get a look inside. We arrived in the vicinity just after their ceremony was held. Many Muslims are getting out and when they looked at my friend who was wearing shorts and sleeveless at that time.I got a feeling that it better to stay outside.For others who would be visiting this place, remember to dress accordingly. We should respect others religion with the clothes we wear and this incident also served as a lesson to my friend.I find it very unique to see 2 different religious sites facing each other the Masjid Istiqlal and Gereja Katedral Jakarta. It is only in this country that I saw 2 different religions pay respect to one another.

Gereja Sion
KidZania Jakarta
National Monument
Textile Museum
Taman Prasasti Museum
Wayang Museum
Dunia Fantasi
Wisma 46

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