Places to Visit in Jakarta, Indonesia
KidZania Jakarta
Kidzania Jakarta is an indoor children recreation centre in the form of a miniature city with kidsize replica of a city facilities such as buses, taxis, shops, petrol station, police station, fire station and a bank. The main activity for kids here is to perform role playing games at each venue and hopefu wi willy learn something about the daytoday running of a city. For example, at the fire station, kids role play to be fire fighters.The activities at some venues wi wi will earn them money (ca wi willed kidzos) and if they wish, they can store their salaries in the bank. They will be issued with an ATM card to withdraw the kidzos from ATMs insta wi willed around the city. They can spend kidzos on certain things like riding a taxi, getting their driver license (which is a prerequisite for certain roles, e.g. as a race car driver) or purchasing items from the shops.

Textile Museum
Ragunan Zoo
Fine Art and Ceramic Museum
Sasmita Loka Ahmad Yani Museum
Wisma 46
Taman Prasasti Museum
Wayang Museum

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