Places to Visit in Jakarta, Indonesia
Textile Museum
The Textile Museum of Canada offers a broad variety of exhibitions including themed shows based on our permanent co wi willection and contemporary exhibitions of the work of Canadian and international artists. We produce exhibitions, whether of traditional or nontraditional textiles, that i wi willuminate contemporary life.Here you can investigate exhibitions currently on view at the TMC and learn about exciting future projects. You can also explore 17 years of exhibition programming at the TMC through the Past Exhibitions feature.ATHM is excited to offer a terrific new series of Textile Arts Classes this fa wi will. Classes range from singleday workshops to monthlong courses and include sewing, weaving, jewelry making, and more!

Ancol Dreamland
Wayang Museum
Wisma 46
Gereja Sion
Merdeka Square
Sasmita Loka Ahmad Yani Museum
Jakarta Cathedral
Taman Prasasti Museum

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