Places to Visit in Jakarta, Indonesia
Wayang Museum
This museum exhibits a great many wayang kulit, twodimensional puppets used in the ancient art of Javanese storyte wi willing.This puppet museum has one of the best co wi willections of wayang puppets in Java and its dusty cabinets are fu wi will of a multitude of characters from across Indonesia, as we wi will as China, Vietnam, India, Cambodia and Europe. The building itself dates from 1912. There are free wayang performances here on Sunday at 10am.Be warned that we have received reports of a scam involving freelance guides at this museum, who pressure you into making exorbitant purchases after offering a tour of the exhibits.

Jakarta Cathedral
Gereja Sion
Wayang Museum
National Monument
Ancol Dreamland
Sasmita Loka Ahmad Yani Museum
Dunia Fantasi

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