Places to Visit in Punjab, India
Singh Sabha Gurdwara
This Gurdwara came into existence back in early 1950's as a Sikh worship place & expanded to a huge building afterwards. Sikh festivals are occasions for Sikhs to rededicate themselves to the Faith. Every year, large number of devotees from all walks of life celebrate major Sikh festivals like Gurupurab (Guru's Remembrance Day), Baisakhi, Diwali and other important days together at this Gurdwara.

S. Chanan Singh was the first President of this Gurdwara, who with the help of other Sikh families like S.Kundan Singh Sandhu started this Gurdwara. A few other individulas who participated in bringing this Gurudwara to a well known Sikh worship place are Giani Shadi Singh, S. Kishan Singh Mann, S.Deva Singh Sethi, S.Gursher Singh Gill. During early days of this Gurdwara, S.Chanan Singh took Initiative in bringing up Khalsa School, Model Town, which is still in the adjoining building to this Gurdwara, also known as Sikh National Co-educational Middle School.

Sodal Temple
Tulsi Mandir
Baba Dassa Ji Gurdwara, Salempur Masanda
Wonderland Theme Park
Serai Nurmahal
Baisakhi Festival
Moorish Mosque
Shiva Temple

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