Places to Visit in California, United States of America
California African American Museum
Applied analysis and computation are essential to research in virtually every field of science and engineering. Modern engineering is, to a large extent, computational engineering. Computational and applied mathematics (CAAM) is the fundamental discipline that underlies practice and intellectual advancement in mathematical modeling, applied analysis, the development and analysis of numerical algorithms, and the implementation and dissemination of mathematical software. CAAM provides a key enabling technology for all aspects of computational engineering and numerical simulation.The CAAM faculty at Rice are leading researchers with international reputations.
There are cutting edge research activities in inverse problems, discrete and continuous optimization, computational neuroscience, partial differential equations (PDE), PDE constrained optimization, and large scale numerical linear algebra. Our work is often highly interdisciplinary and involves interaction with all of the other departments within the School of Engineering.

Los Angeles Zoo
Grauman Egyptian Theatre
Hollywood Bowl
El Capitan Theatre
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Griffith Observatory
Beverly Wilshire Hotel

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