Places to Visit in California, United States of America
Grauman Egyptian Theatre
Builder Charles E. Toberman recruited Sid Grauman to open the first of the grand Hollywood movie palaces and in 1920 when it was first announced, the plans were for it to be designed in a Spanish style. The Egyptian Theatre cost $800,000, was constructed over 18 months and had a seating capacity of 1,771 (all on one level). The Egyptian theme was chosen for the name and decor to take advantage of the excitement drawn by the discoveries and searches in Egypt for ancient artifact such as King Tutankhamen tomb (which was discovered by Englishman Howard C. Carter on 26th November 1922five weeks after the Egyptian Theatre opened).

Architects Mendel Meyer & Phillip W. Holler of the Milwaukee Building Co. designed the building with decorator Raymond M. Kennedy in charge of decorative details. This theatre was among the first of many Egyptian Revival style theatres in the US.Robin Hood was shown at the first ever Hollywood Premiere at the grand opening of Grauman Egyptian Theatre on October 18, 1922 and continued to be screened until the first week of April 1923. The next attraction was The Covered Wagon followed by The Ten Commandments which premiered at the theatre on December 4, 1923. This was followed by The Thief of Bagdad and all had long runs, in fact Grauman Egyptian Theatre only played four movies in its first three years of operation. Grauman also presented an elaborate live stage show Prologue with each performance of the movies.

Sepulveda Dam
California African American Museum
Bradbury Building
El Capitan Theatre
Autry National Center
Staples Center
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

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