Places to Visit in California, United States of America
Mission San Fernando Rey de Espa
Located in a spacious valley named Santa Catalina de Bononia de los Encinos (St. Catherine of Bologna Valley of the Live Oaks). The valley had four springs that flowed strong, thus influencing the friar decision to build here, between the Missions in San Gabriel and San Buenaventura. Don Francisco Reyes, the alcalde of the Los Angeles, supposedly owned the property. Since the property was really owned by the Mission San Gabriel, he was removed and the padres took over his ranch house as living quarters.The first small chapel was raised within two months. Soon a granary, a storeroom and a weaving room were in operation. A year later a new church had to be built to accommodate the growing population. Seven years after it founding, there were over a thousand converts being housed on the property. In 1806, a third church was dedicated and completed.

On December 21, 1812 the earthquake hit that shook the church. It was found to be necessary to install thirty new beams and a new buttress to support the building. These repairs allowed it to survive additional earthquakes over the years.At its peak in 1819, Mission San Fernando had over 30,000 grapevines and a wine factory. In addition to the wine they had a large trade in hides and tallow. There were more than 21,000 head of livestock. The natives became skilled in leatherworking. They made shoes, clothes and saddles for their own use and for trading. In addition, they made large quantities of rawhide strips that were used in building. Since spikes and nails were rare, pieces of rawhide were used to tie structures together.

Autry National Center
Walt Disney Concert Hall
Olvera Street
Griffith Park
Hollywood Boulevard
El Capitan Theatre
Getty Center
TCL Chinese Theatre

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