Places to Visit in Uttar Pradesh, India
Shaheed Smarak
A fond memorial for the unsung heroes of the first war of independence, Shaheed Smarak in Lucknow requires a special rendering. This Memorial was erected to mark the first centenary celebrations of the Sepoy Mutiny and it is prettily placed in the heart of the city that has all the probabilities of attracting all the visitors. It is a place where history would play as an alluring background to all the spent time hobbies of the tourists. The structure on the back side of the majestic River Gomati, depicts a sprawling marble finishing with a vibrant garden on its sides. As a true memorial for the freedom struggle this lovely samarak tender the heartrending recalls of Lucknow's role in the Mutiny.

British Residency
Crocodile Sanctuary
Moti Mahal
Gautam Buddha Park
Dilkusha Kothi
Bara Imambara
Aminabad Market

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