Places to Visit in Uttar Pradesh, India
Crocodile Sanctuary
The crocodile sanctuary in the Kukrail Reserve Forest at the suburbs of the city is a pictorial holiday spot provided the visitors keep themselves away from the crawling lots. This nursery was established in 1978 with an aim to protect the endangered crocodiles of the rivers - Ramganga, Suheli, Girwa and Chambal. The Lucknow Forest Department has brought crocodiles from these rivers and rehabilitated them in the Reserve forest and sanctuary at Kukrail. What makes this sanctuary so spectacular is that it stands in the midst of sprawling woods that provide its green shade all around. The sanctuary serves as an asylum to other species like spotted deer, sambar deer, black buck along with a good number of feathering folks. It is a perfect spot for families since it provides excellent pastime with its children's park, cafeteria and rest house. Even though it lies on the outskirts, adventurous people move on to this sanctuary to explore.

Rumi Darwaza
Farangi Mahal
Lucknow Zoo
1857 Memorial Museum
British Residency
Ramakrishna Math
Bara Imambara

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