Places to Visit in Italy, Italy
Mediolanum Forum
The Mediolanum Forum (formerly known as FilaForum di Assago, DatchForum di Assago and Forum di Assago) is an indoor sports arena that is located in Assago, near Milan, Italy.The arena has a seating capacity of 12,500 for basketball and is primarily used for ice hockey, basketball, and tennis.It also hosts live concerts.The Forum received the European Prize for Architecture for sports venues awarded by CONI and the Council of Europe.It is also the only structure in Italy, along with Palalottomatica in Rome, that is a part of the European Arenas Association network.The Forum is the home floor of the Italian League professional basketball team Armani Jeans Milano.

Bagatti Valsecchi Museum
santa Maria delle Grazie
Planetario di Milano
Arena Civica
Torre Velasca
Teatro alla scala
Royal Palace of Milan
san Gottardo

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