Places to Visit in Maharashtra, India
Gateway of India
One of the most famous monuments in Mumbai, the Gateway of India is easily one of the top places to visit. It was built as a tribute for Queen Mary and King George V, who were on an official visit to Mumbai in 1911. Opened for public on 4 December 1924 by the Viceroy, the Earl of Reading. The gateway is built from reinforced concrete and yellow basalt andepitomises the combination of Hindu and Muslim styles of architecture. Today it is popular as a tourist destination and looks beautiful both during the day when you can admire the structure as well as during the evening as it's lit up. From there, you can also visit or just see the Taj hotel, which is at a walking distance from the Gateway.

Siddhivinayak Temple
Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Gateway of India
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
Dhobi Ghat
Mahim Church
Linking Road
Elephanta Caves

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