Places to Visit in Japan, Japan
Minami Temma Park
Minami Temma Park is a public urban park situated at 1 chome Tenjimbashi in Kita ku, Osaka, Japan.It lies on the north side of the okawa (Kyu Yodo River) between Temma bashi bridge and Tenjim bashi bridge.The park was constructed at the former Temma Aomono Ichiba vegetable wholesale market.Now, this park is a popular place for cherry blossom viewing in spring along the Kyu Yodo River.The cherry blossom promenade is also a cycle path, which continues to northern Osaka (Suita City).Brooklyn Museum The Festival of Lanterns on Temma Bridge.

Festival Hall
National Museum of Art
Liberty Osaka
Osaka Tenman gu
Hollywood Dream
Tempozan Ferris Wheel
Osaka Science Museum
Nagai Botanical Garden

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