Places to Visit in PhnomPenh, Cambodia
Sunrise at Angkor Wat
Siem Reap Cambodia Everyone does it you had be amazed by how many tourists show up at 5.30am.You just have to know how to beat the crowds and where to sit for optimal unobstructed viewing.(Hint get off the main walkway and sit on the steps of the outpost buildings).Angkor Wat, built over the course of thirty years in the 1100 as a home for King Suryavarman II after his death, was unknown and undiscovered until France colonized Cambodia in the mid 1800.What they uncovered in the midst of the jungle, both overgrown and somewhat well preserved, is now considered one of the Wonders of the World.A good tour guide will direct you to the magnificent bas relief walls depicting many levels of heaven and hell some quite gruesome and to some of the 1,800 seductive Dancing Maidens carvings.One warning beware of monkeys.They swarm the place and will grab stuff out of your hands (a few were enjoying tearing up a guidebook when we visited), and come after you if you dis them.

Kingdom Breweries
Royal Palace
Silver Pagoda
Sunset Tour
The Plantation
New Hope Restaurant
Wat Ounalom
National Museum of Cambodia

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