Places to Visit in PhnomPenh, Cambodia
Tonle Sap Lake
Take A Boat to the Floating Villages This is an eye opening look at the abject poverty and subsistence living in the primitive fishing villages of Cambodia.You will pass shacks on stilts (in the rainy season, the lake waters rise nearly to front doors), children paddling with babies in canoes, and livestock in floating pens.Be sure to take lots of fresh fruit or school supplies.When you stop at the Temple (an oasis of flame colored serenity in the midst of the squalor), barefoot kids will start pouring in from all directions.Enterprising women selling 20 pk bags of chips for doller2 might soon approach you.Buy as many as you can and give them out, too.Seeing the way people live here, it is no surprise that life expectancy in Cambodia is 58.

Post Office Square
Angkor Thom
Sisowath Quay
Choeung Ek
Tonle Sap Lake
Wat Botum
The Plantation

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