Places to Visit in Prague, Czech Republic
Prague Zoo
Prague Zoo is a zoo in Prague, Czech Republic.It was opened in 1931 with the goal to advance the study of zoology, protect wildlife, and educate the public in the district of Troja in the north of Prague.In 2012, the zoo occupied 58 hectares (143 acres) and housed about 4,800 animals that represented more than 690 species, including 133 species listed as critically endangered.Prague Zoological Garden has contributed significantly to saving Przewalski horse.For many years it was the biggest breeder of the species in the world.In 2007 Forbes Traveler Magazine listed Prague ZOO as the 7th best Zoo in the world in 2014 TripAdvisor listed it as the 7th best zoo in the world according to the reviews of its users in the last 12 months.

Golden Lane
Church of the Virgin Mary
Strahov Monastery
Old Town Square
State Opera
Prague National Gallery
National Museum
Lennon Wall

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