Places to Visit in Chile, Philippines
Casa Colorada
Welcome to Hotel Boutique Mision Casa Colorada Guanajuato, Mexico an excellent lodging option on your next trip to this colonial city. The property location is surrounded by history, nature, craftwork, architecture, gastronomy and, above all, a wonderful blue sky that will take you to other latitudes. Discover a beautiful garden with cactus plants unique to the region, works of art shown in the hotel and its wine cellar and much more.Our hotel in Guanajuato Mexico features 6 Luxury Guanajuato Lodging options, Category 5 Stars. In our exclusive Guanajuato Hotel suites you will find roman curtains, cable TV, air conditioning, a telephone for national and international calls, wireless Internet and a spectacular view.Doubtlessly, we are one of you best choices in Guanajuato, especially if you travel looking for the best lodging experience plan, having the best facilities for your meeting, appointments and of course for your rest. We happily expect you.

Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral
Museum of Memory and Human Rights
Casa Colorada
Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino
Estadio Nacional Julio Mart
Estadio Bicentenario de La Florida
Estacion Mapocho

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