Places to Visit in Chile, Philippines
Costanera Center
The Constanera Center is Santiago latest and greatest shopping mall. It is really big and really full of boutique and big name stores.Located in Las Condes, its closest Metro is Tobalaba and as it on the main road that traverses from Vitacura right into downtown Santiago, getting a bus there is very easy. It boasts all the popular stores TopShop, Zara, Levi, Bobbi Brown, M.A.C., Espirit and H&M.There are floors and floors of jewellers, bookshops, high end fashion and accessories, and even a car yard. All the phone, TV and internet provider companies have offices on the basement floor, along with Easy (hardware/home and garden store) and one floor up, a massive Jumbo supermarket.

Chilean National Zoo
Barrio Patronato
Laguna del Diamante
Casa Colorada
Former National Congress Building
Titanium La Portada

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