Places to Visit in ,
San Cristobal Hill
Santa Luc
Museum of Memory and Human Rights
Costanera Center
Plaza de Armas
Casa Colorada
Estacion Mapocho
Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino
Cajon del Maipo
Parque Forestal
Valle Nevado
La Parva
Chilean National Zoo
Former National Congress Building
El Morado Natural Monument
Santiago Museum of Contemporary Art
Estadio Nacional Julio Mart
Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral
Estadio Bicentenario de La Florida
Titanium La Portada
Laguna del Diamante
Barrio Patronato

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    Did you Know :

    Before written or computerized records helped us to keep track of criminals, many countries marked criminals with a tattoo or a branding iron a red hot iron used to burn a pattern, letter or picture into their skin.This meant that everyone could see what they had done.
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