Places to Visit in Chile, Philippines
Santa Luc
The palace is an official national heritage site and is recognized as one of the most outstanding pieces of architecture in Colonial America, with a neoclassical Italian style. Constructed in the year 1784, it was not until 1846 that this impressive building started to house current presidents and became the national headquarters of the government.The Salon Independecia, which represents Chilean Independence, is perhaps the most important room in the Palace. In the 18th and 19th centuries the balconies of this room were used to proclaim essential news to the citizens of Santiago. Nowadays, it is used to present each new president to Chile after he or she has been elected.The grand Salon de Aceso, also featured on the tour, is the first room that official and state visitors enter to get in to the Palace. Another room on show was the Salon Toesca, where the Cabinet Council meets periodically and where the Head of State holds meetings. There were many more rooms open, such as the First Lady office, conference rooms, and a chapel.

Museum of Memory and Human Rights
La Parva
Barrio Patronato
Estacion Mapocho
Former National Congress Building
Laguna del Diamante
San Cristobal Hill
Casa Colorada

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