Places to Visit in SaoPaulo, Brazil
Hopi Hari
Hopi Hari (BM&F Bovespa PQTM3, BM&F Bovespa PQTM4) is a Brazilian theme park located at Km 72 of Bandeirantes Highway, Vinhedo in the state of Sao Paulo.It is located 30 km from Campinas and 80 km from Sao Paulo.With 0.76 km2, is considered the second largest amusement park in Brazil, and is part of the tourist complex SerrAzul Full Life.Hopi Hari is a fictitious country its employees are residents (hopius)with president, capital, language itself, among other features.Due to the debts of the park in June 2009, the group GP Investments sold the park for a symbolic value to the group HH II PT S.

Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo Museum of Art
Paulista Avenue
Edificio Italia
Praca da Se
Brazilian Carnival
Sao Paulo Art Biennial
Hopi Hari

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