Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh, India
The Mall
Being the town's main shopping street, The Mall offers a number of restaurants, clubs, banks, bars, post offices and tourist offices. The place also houses the famous Gaiety Theatre, the famous ancient theatre in Shimla. As the key meeting place in Shimla, The Mall has two main meeting points as the Ridge and the Scandal Points. One can see numerous travelers and tourists who visit these places and enjoy some lighthearted talks amidst the most beautiful environs of Shimla. The mall is the best place to bag some excellent souvenirs such as embroidered shawls, caps, Pahari paintings and so on. We can say that it is the shopping centre of the capital city

Chail Hill Station
Summer Hill
Viceregal Lodge
Chail Sanctuary
Jakhu Temple
The Ridge
The Retreat

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