Places to Visit in Jammu & Kashmir, India
Pari Mahal
Pari Mahal, meaning 'house of fairies' in Srinagar is a majestic historic monument that is located above the alluring Chashma Shahi Gardens. A short drive further, along a spur of the Zaberwan Hill, lie the six massive terraces of Pari Mahal also known as Quntilon, with wonderful views. This age old monument displays the architectural brilliance of the medieval times. A vast and beautiful garden surrounds this structure. Commissioned by Mughal prince Dara Shikoh, this beautiful garden was originally intended as a retreat for Sufi scholars. It is nearby from the Chashma Shahi Gardens and is a beautiful place that is a must visit on your trip to Srinagar.

Dal Lake
Pari Mahal
Jama Masjid
Mughal Gardens
Nishat Bagh
Sri Pratap Singh Museum

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