Places to Visit in Jammu & Kashmir, India
Dal Lake
Dal Lake in Srinagar has a picture-perfect spot that travellers to Srinagar cannot miss. Surrounded by majestic mountains on one side, the lake is a center of attraction for the travelers arriving to this place called, paradise on earth, It is nicknamed as the 'Jewel in the crown of Kashmir' or 'Srinagar's Jewel'. The lake is also an important source for commercial operations in fishing and water plant harvesting

Most tourism-oriented activites on the lake happen near the Dal Gate. You can take a shikara ride on colourful high-backed seats, buy flowers from floating shops, get yourself clicked in kitschy Kashmiri dresses, visit Nehru Park Island and Char Chinar Island, see the floating vegetable market at dawn, visit Hazratbal, and traverse the smaller and quieter Nagin Lake and the old Pandit quarter of Rainawari.

The houseboats anchored on the Dal are often huge and spacious. Over the years, houseboats grew in number with many flaunting new designs, comforts and outlook. If you can accommodate yourself in one of these you will feel yourself closer to the heritage and culture of Kashmir.During the winter season, the temperature at the destination reaches about -110 Celsius, which freezes the Dal Lake.

Hari Parbat
Pari Mahal
Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden
Kathi Darwaza
Sangin Darwaza
Nasim Bagh

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