Places to Visit in Jammu & Kashmir, India
Jyeshtheshvara Temple
An inspirational religious place, one that no visitor can miss during the visit in Srinagar, Jyeshtheshvara Temple has many myths associated with it. One of them relates the temple to the Pandavas in the 5th century, another gives the credit to King Gopaditya built during 6th century and a third claim is that it was Ashoka's 'son' Jaluka who first built this temple.

Later King Lalitaditya renovated the existing shrine in the 8th century and much remodeling has been done on it further. This is an ancient place to understand the style of architecture and erstwhile culture and heritage.

Amarnath Cave
Kathi Darwaza
Shankaracharya Temple
Kheer Bhawani Temple
Pari Mahal
Nishat Bagh

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