Places to Visit in Jammu & Kashmir, India
Shankaracharya Temple
Shankaracharya temple, is located on the Shankaracharya hill, also known as Takht-e-Suleiman, at an altitude of 1100 ft. above surface level of the main city. As written the books of Kalhana, it was built by Raja Gopal Data in 371 B.C. This is a Lord Shiva temple, and apparently the oldest shrine in Kashmir. After the construction of stairs to the temple by the Dogra ruler, Maharaja Gulab Singh, the accessibility has become quite feasible. The temple, besides being a prominent religious place for Hindus, is also of great archaeological importance. The temple offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Srinagar city.

Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden
Jyeshtheshvara Temple
Shankaracharya Temple
Mughal Gardens
Shalimar Gardens
Sangin Darwaza
Wullar Lake
Pari Mahal

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